Frequently Asked Questions

Calling Orders In

Do I need to use Paul Morrell's style numbers to place orders?
What options do I have to place orders?


Do you carry wide shoes?
Do you sell new tuxedos?
What credit cards will Paul Morrell accept?
What does Paul Morrell Formalwear do?
What holidays are you open?
What is a 4-N-Hand Tie?
When are payments due in our office?
Who is Paul Morrell Formalwear?

Measuring for Formal Wear

Why don't you carry up to a size 76 in your fashion tuxedos?

PM Online

Can we place orders online?
What criteria does my computer need to place orders online?

Renting your Tuxedo or Suit

Do you rent women tuxedos?
Is there a cancellation fee when I cancel an order?

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