Our Merchandise

New Styles for 2018!


1. C1038 – Select FW Champagne Gold ‘Remi‘ 1BS Tuxedo Jacket (slim) Mid-March
2. C1039 – Mark of Distinction Black Sparkle ‘Zenith‘ 1BP Tuxedo Jacket (slim) Mid-March
3. C1040 - Mark of Distinction Royal Blue Paisley ‘Aries‘ 1BS Tuxedo Jacket (slim)
4. C1041 – Ike Behar Dusk Blue ‘Lane‘ 1BP Tuxedo by FCGI (slim) Mid-March
5. C1042 – Ike Behar Black ‘Ethan‘ 2BN Suit by FCGI (slim) Mid-March
6. C1043 – Ike Behar Grey ‘Bryce‘ 2BN Suit by FCGI (slim) Now!
7. C1044 – Ike Behar Charcoal Grey ‘Alexander‘ 2BN Suit by FCGI (slim) Mid-March
8. C1045 – Couture 1901 Black ‘Jasper‘ 1BP Tuxedo by FCGI (slim) Coat – Now!




New Colors in the Modern Solid Accessory Line:

Steel Blue, Gold, Morning Glory, Apple, Blush & Rose Gold – Est Mid-March



S ISF- Ike Behar White Spread Collar Modern Fit Shirt. 60%Cotton, 40% Poly,  Plain Front. – Est Mid-February

NOTE: Boys and 4X, 5X, 6X are classic fit.



P BSW – FCGI Black Tropical Worsted Wool Slim Trouser – Mid-March



O MA11 – Colonial UPDATED Black ‘Manhattan’ Shoe – End of February




To see the rest of our extensive offering, check out our catalog at www.MyTuxedoCatalog.com!


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