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Subsidized Try-On Coat Order Form

  • Please use the email address you have on your account w/ PM.

  • Subsidized Slim Fit Try-On Coat Program:

    1. Slim Fit Try-On coats from FCGI are subsidized by PM. Contact Customer Service for pricing. These coats are finished on the outside only, and are made only to assist with sizing Slim Fit merchandise. They are available in all men’s and boys chest sizes, and feature colored threads on the sleeve to illustrate the difference between Shorts, Regulars, Longs and X-Longs.  They also have a patch with a size on the outside of the arm so the sizes are visible when they are hung in a row.
    2. All Active and Regular* PM Accounts (including new accounts) are eligible to purchase 6 Try-On Coats at the subsidized price. PM accounts that have received and paid for 40 or more full price rental outfits in the previous 12 months are able to purchase up to 12 Try-On Coats per Catalog Year at the subsidized price.  Additional Try-On Coats can be purchased at the full manufacturer list price.

    *Your account must be active, current and in good financial standing with Paul Morrell, with no outstanding merchandise or past due balances to be eligible for the Sample Program.

  • *** There is a limit of 6 OR 12 Try-On Coats ***
    All Active and Regular PM Accounts are eligible to receive 6 Subsidized Sample Outfit per Catalog year. PM accounts that have had 40 or more rental outfits shipped to them in the previous 12 months are able to purchase up to 12 Subsidized Try-On Coats per Catalog year.

  • Try-Ons from Fabian Couture Group Intl. (FCGI):

    Try-On Coats from FCGI have the following constraints and conditions, PLEASE READ:

    1. Orders will be delivered based on manufacturer availability.
    2. These coats are 'unfinished' on the inside, and are only suitable for sizing purposes.
    3. Each Mens size coat show the different lengths on the sleeve by using different colored thread. 
    4. There is a shoulder patch, so the coat size is easily visible when hung in a row.
    5. There is a limit of 1 per size. Please input the sizes you would like in the 'Sizes' box at the bottom of this form.
    6. Sizes available are:
      • Boys - 03b through 18B
      • Mens - 34 through 70
  • Please include the Try-On Coat sizes you'd like, according to the limits imposed above:

  • If you have any notes, please enter them here.

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