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Hello PM Accounts!

Looking for help using PM Online?   We’ve assembled a collection of short and simple screencast videos to help you with using PM Online effectively.   If you have any questions, comments, or want to request a new video, please contact us!

The PM Online user manual is available as a downloadable document on the Downloads and Documents page.

This is the PM Online Overview.  After it finishes playing, it will automatically start playing the rest of the videos available.

The following screencast videos are available on our YouTube Channel:

  1. Overview (4:47 – Click here to view video)
  2. Your first time logging into PM Online (1:27 – Click here to view video)
  3. How to change your password (0:40 – Click here to view video)
  4. Booking an order ‘as pictured’ in the Paul Morrell print catalog (1:11 – Click here to view video)
  5. Book multiple tickets using the copy/default option (1:35 – Click here to view video)
  6. How to cancel or edit tickets (1:57 – Click here to view video)
  7. Master Account: Booking orders for multiple locations (1:27 – Click here to view video)
  8. Using a Session when keying orders. (3:08 – Click here to view video)
  9. First time logging in, and managing your stored Credit Cards. (3:33 – Click here to view video)
  10. Managing your Credit Cards (2:16 – Click here to view video)
  11. Shipping to an Alternate Address (Drop-shipping) (2:09 – Click here to view video)
Or, you can view all the videos as a playlist, here!  


We’ve consolidated a few of the most common questions and problems about PM Online into this outline, in hopes of making your experience a little bit better!  If you still have any questions or concerns after going through this document, please contact us at, or through customer service at 800-643-8345, just ask for Rusty or Drew. PM Online best practices:
  1. Use Firefox, it is the most compatible and offers the best experience.  You can download it at
  2. You can use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but you need to take a few steps to make it work correctly and show sizes, which we’ll go over below.
  3. It does not work well on the Safari and Chrome browsers.
  4. Support on tablets and phones is not currently great, but we’re working hard to release the next version of PM Online, which will be much more flexible and easy to use on all devices, and in all browsers!
  5. Watch these instructional videos!  They’re a great introduction into using PM Online.
  If you would like to use Internet Explorer, please follow these steps to turn on ‘Compatibility Mode’ in Internet Explorer:
  1. Open Internet Explorer. Click on the little gear at top right of screen.
  1. A pop up menu will appear, click on “Compatibility View Settings.” If you don’t see the little gear in the top right corner, you can also get to the Compatibility Mode settings by clicking on ‘Tools’ at the top of your screen.   but after a certain windows update the menu bar with tools does not show by default.
  2. After clicking on “Compatibility View Settings,” a box will pop up. It should have, as shown in the image below. If it does not, please manually add it in, and Click on ‘Add’. It should add to the big box labeled Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View.  Now you can click ‘Close’ at the bottom of box.
  1. Now, close Internet Explorer so it will save your ‘Compatibility Mode’ changes, reopen it and go to
    1. The available sizes should show up from now on after you key a style number and hit your Tab key. Hitting tab right after you key the style number should bring up the picture and make the size box active for that style.  Notice the size box widens after hitting your tab key. If the size box doesn’t resize automatically, click your curser in the box right after your style number and try hitting the Tab key again.
  We hope this helps, but if you still would like assistance, please contact PM Customer Service and ask for Rusty or Drew, we’re always happy to help! Customer Service Paul Morrell Formalwear 800-643-8345      

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