How Do I Place an Order with Paul Morrell?

There are several ways to place an order through Paul Morrell.  Below is a list of the three ordering methods that we offer, along with a few tips and pointers for each.

1) Internet, via PM Online

In an effort to accommodate your formal needs AND your schedule, we have established a powerful online resource that gives you, our wholesale partner, control over your account.  With PM Online, you can place orders for rental merchandise online, anywhere, at anytime.  Your order will be booked in real time with no delays.  Besides the obvious conveniences this affords, PM Online also offers a wide range of account management tools and services that put you behind the wheel.  With your PM Online account, you will be able to:
  • Place orders for rentals
  • View all future orders (placed online or by phone)
  • View your account statement (coming soon!)
  • Make a payment (coming soon!)
  • Update your contact information (coming soon!)
  • Manage email alerts (coming soon!)
  • Manage your Credit Cards on file securely (coming soon!)
  • Place orders for multiple locations
  • Arrange drop ships
  • PM Online is available in Spanish!

To set up your account to use PM Online account, Contact Us, or log-in to today!  Learn more here.

2) Phone

We are eager and available to take your orders by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm CST and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm CST(from 8:30 am during peak season.) We are closed on Sundays, so we can spend time with our families.

Feel free to call us at:
Toll Free: 1-800-643-8345
Local: 501-374-8256

A few things to remember when you call to place your order:
  • Remember to have your store’s PM Account # handy.
  • Please have all the necessary order information ready when you call.  This includes any applicable measurements, PM item numbers, ticket numbers, and any other important order notes.  If your store does not use ticket numbers to keep track of orders, the customer service representative you’re speaking with can generate these for you.
  • It’s best to place your orders as early in advance as possible.  Inventory availability is determined on a first come, first served basis.  Also, early orders may qualify for Free ShippingLearn More.
  • For all Prom orders in April and May, please be sure to get a 2nd choice, just in case the first choice is not available due to late returns.
  • Please verify with the customer service representative that all information is correct.  For quality assurance and order accuracy, your phone call may be recorded.

3) Fax

At your convenience, you may also fax orders in any time.  Our fax number is: 501-374-7564.  Below, we’ve listed a few things to remember and be aware of concerning fax orders.
  • When faxing an order, please make sure that all information is clear and legible.  For this reason, we prefer fax orders to be typed, but we do not require it.
  • Please make sure that your PM Account #, Store Name, Date of Use, Fax #, and other Contact # is clear and visible on the fax order form.
  • Please include all PM item #’s on the fax order form, any applicable sizes and/or measurements, and any other relevant order notes.
  • Fax Orders are only entered in to our system when our customer service representatives are not occupied on other phone calls.  Because of this, we do not recommend time sensitive fax orders during busy seasons, as they may be delayed and not given first choice of available merchandise.
  • If you need a good fax order form template, feel free to download our generic Fax Order Form Here.

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