2020 Discontinued Merchandise

Updated 02/20/2020

A few things to remember:

  1. Some of this merchandise is available for purchase.  Wholesale Accounts can login to PM Online to view sale pricing and size availability, or you can contact PM Customer Service.
  2. These styles may be available for rental on a limited basis.  Call to confirm availability first.
  3. These styles will be rented ‘as is,’ which may include minor imperfections.
  4. If you have any questions, we’re happy to talk any time. Please Contact Us!
We are removing the following styles
from the 2020 Paul Morrell Catalog:
  1. 1018 – Black ‘Celebration’ Tuxedo by David Tutera.   C,P,V,T,T
  2. 1011 – Cement Grey ‘Bartlett’ by Allure Men (FWI). C,P,V,T
  3. 997 – Heather Grey ‘Bartlett’ by Allure Men (FWI). C,P,V,T
  4. 994 – Tan ‘Bartlett’ by Allure Men (FWI). C,P,V,T
  5. 992 – Black ‘Asbury’ Suit by FLOW. Coat Only
  6. 991 – Black ‘Avalon’ Tuxedo by FLOW. Coat Only
  7. 990 – Black ‘Ceremonia’ Suit by Jean Yves. Coat Only
  8. 975 – Black ‘Chaplin II’ Tuxedo. – Not for Sale
  9. 974 – Black ‘Chaplin I’ Tuxedo. – Not for Sale

If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to talk any time! Please Contact Us.