Hello Vows readers!

We believe there are many reasons to consider opening a wholesale tuxedo rental account with Paul Morrell, and we are ready to help you begin that process right here and now! But first, let us mention just a few of the most important things for you to know.

“Simple Rental”

Paul Morrell Formalwear Vows Ad

Paul Morrell Formalwear Vows Ad


Simple Rental means a lot more than ‘easy’ and we all know that the Tuxedo Rental business is not easy…but it can be rewarding if you know some key facts.  If you want to reduce your headaches, and build your business at the same time, learn the basics and teach your staff first.  Simple things like:

  • How to measure correctly, and know which 2 sizes your customer can wear.
  • How to know your wholesale tuxedo provider keyed your order correctly.
  • Raising your prices can create more profit, and less anxiety.
  • Calling your orders in early helps you take advantage of shipping discounts, to and from.*
  • Marketing well can be Simple, and very classy.
  • Having a premier presence on the Internet can entice customers to your store…for free.
  • Your store may benefit from having 2 key wholesale tuxedo providers.

Always remember:  “We’re your Partner, not your competition!”

Want to learn more about Paul Morrell and how we can help you be successful and grow your men’s rental tuxedo business? Learn more here, or skip straight to the New Account Application!

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* Orders must be received by Paul Morrell before 4 P.M. on the Saturday before the week of use, and the week’s orders must total more than $200.