2025 New and Discontinued Styles

2025 – Styles Under Consideration

This list is constantly changing.  Items may be added and removed from this list at any point. Linked images are not color corrected and final details may be changed by the manufacturer before production.

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PM Style  2025 Rental Coat Options Label Status
C XXXX Sage Green ‘Metro’ Suit (Image) MoD Committed
C XXXX Black ‘Simon’ Tux w/ Satin Trim (Image) MoD Committed
C 1099 White Dinner Jacket (Image)

  • Identical to the C1069 Blaine, but made from the same whiter fabric as the Aragon Suit, C1076.
XXX Committed
C XXXX Tan ‘Harrison’ 1BS Tux (Image)

  • Made from the same fabric as C1072, the popular Tan ‘Dominic’ Suit.
Ike Behar Considering
C XXXX Wheat ‘Nolan’ 2BN Tuxedo (Image) Ike Behar Considering
C XXXX Crème ‘Metro’ 2BN Suit (Image) Mark of Distinction Considering
C XXXX Chocolate ‘Metro’ 2BN Suit (Image) Mark of Distinction Considering
C XXXX Mid-Grey Suit/Tuxedo?

  • On our radar, but not sure of an option at this moment. Similar to C1036 Chelsea.
XXX Considering
C XXXX Black 1B Grosgrain Peak Marzotto Wool (Image)

  • Still being developed with a grosgrain peak Lapel. Very high end merchandise that would command a higher retail rental price point, $250+, depending on market.

  • Image above low quality and inaccurate specs.
Bruno Magli Considering
C XXXX White 1BS w/ Black Satin Lapel ‘Jason’ Tuxedo (Image)

  • FCG Style #8131C-70
Couture 1910 Considering
C XXXX Blazer or Sport Coat?

  • still being developed, but on our radar as a possibility.
Mark of Distinction Considering
C XXXX Champagne ‘Night Vine’ 1BS Dinner Jacket (Image – Camel color shown, for reference) Mark of Distinction Considering
C XXXX Black ‘Creed’ 1BS Dinner Jacket (Image) Mark of Distinction Considering


PM Style  2025 Other Rental Merchandise Label Est. Availability
O XXXX Brown Matte Lace-Up ‘Tuscano’ Shoe FCGI Considering
X misc New Modern Solid Accessory Colors –

  • Request colors in the form below!
  • Primarily considering new colors of ties & pocket squares.  Please note if you’d like vests as well.
Larr Brio Considering


PM Style  2025 Sale Styles Label Est. Availability
C misc Retail Stretch Suit Separates – Poly Viscose – New Colors (light green, mauve, purple, cranberry, sage green, peach) Couture 1910 Under Consideration
C XXXX Black Satin Peak Lapel Velvet Dinner Jackets

  • Color TBD. Possibly Black / Blue / Forrest Green / Plum / Plaid Velvet or ‘Dot’ Blue
Couture 1910 Under Consideration
C XXXX Black Satin Peak Lapel Velvet Dinner Jackets

  • Color TBD. Possibly Black / Emerald Green / Blue or Cranberry
Allure Men Under Consideration

PM Styles Discontinued for 2025

As of July 2024, this list is incomplete and is subject to change. More to come.

  1. C1017: Grey ‘Grayson’ Tuxedo — Ike Behar
  2. C1036: Grey ‘Chelsea’ Tuxedo — Ike Behar
  3. C1043: Grey ‘Bryce’ Suit — Ike Behar
  4. C1061: Caribbean Blue ‘Nate’ Suit — Ike Behar

PM has discontinued the above styles. Unless noted above, these styles will be available for purchase in early 2025. 


These lists are NOT conclusive and are subject to change.


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