Shipping Information

Shipping Policy Highlights:

  • Paul Morrell pays the shipping charges on Outbound and Return (Inbound) freight for orders that meet certain requirements.  See the Shipping Costs section below for further information.
  • Our minimum shipping charge for orders under $200, is $10.
  • Drop Shipments are charged all shipping costs, plus a $6.00 fee per address, per week of use.
  • PM pays shipping costs for corrections due to our error.  You pay the shipping costs due to yours.
  • Sale orders are always charged all shipping costs.
  • All returns must be back to PM by the Friday after the week of use.

The number of days from Paul Morrell in Little Rock, AR via UPS Ground Shipping. If you’re not sure about your location, please contact Customer Service.

Requirements for Free Outbound and Return Freight:

To qualify for Free Outbound & Return UPS Ground shipping, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your business must be located in the continental US.
  • Orders must not require delivery on Monday or Tuesday. (Freight for orders required to be in your store by Mon/Tuesday are the accounts responsibility)
  • Accounts that are 1, 2, or 3 transit days away from Little Rock, AR must order a minimum of $200 in rental merchandise by Sunday before the week of use.
  • Accounts that are 4, 5, or 6 transit days away from Little Rock, AR must order a minimum of $200 in rental merchandise by Wednesday before the week of use.
  • Orders placed after midnight on Wednesday, but by Saturday before the week of use will be charged freight if they cannot be consolidated into an existing UPS Ground shipment.

Requirements for Free Freight & Wednesday Delivery

  • Accounts must request Wednesday delivery. Accounts requesting Wednesday delivery and Free Freight must place all applicable orders 10 days before the Wednesday of delivery (which is the Monday before the week of use), and they must also order a minimum of $200 in rental merchandise.
  • Note: If additional orders are placed for Wednesday, after 10 days before delivery, we will attempt to consolidate them with the original orders, to decrease your freight cost responsibility. If that is not possible, the account will be responsible for the separate freight required for Wednesday delivery. Wednesday delivery may not be available in Peak Season.
  • Accounts that meet these requirements will receive Free Outbound Freight and UPS Return Service Labels. As a courtesy, accounts that do not meet the $200 minimum will receive a prepaid UPS RS Label which will be billed to them to expedite return shipping, unless otherwise requested.

Additional Restrictions and Information:

  1. Early In Store Delivery: Orders meeting the time and dollar requirements for free shipping and requesting early delivery (in your store Monday or Tuesday) will be responsible for all shipping charges.
  2. Week of Use Orders: Orders placed during the week of use (Late Orders) are always shipped to and from our accounts at their expense.  As a courtesy, a prepaid UPS RS Label will be provided and billed to your account in order to expedite return shipping, unless requested otherwise.
  3. 3 UPS Pickup Attempts (Call Tags): If you prefer a 3 UPS Pickup Attempts (Call Tag)* rather than a UPS RS Label,** there will be a fee of $10 per box charged to your account.
  4. Late Returns: Merchandise returns must be to PM by the Friday after the week of use. Merchandise not received back by PM by the Friday after the week of use will be billed for another rental. Rebills will not be credited.
  5. International Orders: International accounts are responsible for all outbound and return shipping costs.
  6. Non-Contiguous States: (states not in the lower 48) and territories are responsible for all outbound and return shipping costs.
  7. Shipping Cost Adjustments: Paul Morrell reserves the right to adjust shipping charges in accordance with carrier Fuel Surcharges or Increases.
  8. Non-Rental Orders: Sale orders are not included in the above rental merchandise Shipping Policy.
  9. Transit Days: Please see the map above to determine how many days away from Paul Morrell your business is. For more help, please contact Customer Service.
  10. Drop Shipments: Drop Shipments are not eligible for free shipping outbound or inbound.
  11. Third Party Billing: Shipping discounts are not available for accounts using UPS third party billing.

Shipping Fees:

  • PM does not pay the Collect Fee or other charges related to COD shipments.
  • Shipping carriers charge service fees in addition to shipping costs for Saturday Delivery and Early AM boxes.
  • All local PM Truck deliveries for shipments of less than $200 will be charged a minimum of $10 delivery fee.
  • All carrier COD fees, Saturday Delivery and Early AM fees are charged to the account.

Shipping Refunds:

  • Requests for shipping cost refunds must be made within 15 days from the date of scheduled delivery.
  • Service fees for unused or refused 3 UPS Pickup Attempts (Call Tags) cannot be credited.
  • Cancellation requests for Call Tags must be made by Friday at 2 p.m. CST the week before use.
  • Unused RS Labels which were billed to you must be returned to the PM Shipping Manager for credit.
  • Shipping charges for shipments delayed due to nature or natural disasters will not be credited.
  • Return costs on refused boxes will be charged to your account unless there is a ‘due to service‘ failure.

Dimensional Weight:

Freight carriers, not Paul Morrell, determine if the shipping cost will be calculated by the actual weight or dimensional weight. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length x width x height and dividing by a factor provided by UPS.*  Please pack return boxes with no bulging sides to avoid the increased cost.     *Per 2022 UPS Rate and Service Guide.

* UPS 3 Pickup Attempts (Call Tag) – UPS will pick up each box that a UPS 3 Pickup Attempts (Call Tag) has been issued for, at your location.
** UPS Return Service Labels (RS Labels) – One box per issued RS Label can be given to any UPS driver or taken to any location of The UPS Store, a UPS Drop Box, a UPS Customer Center, any Office Depot or Staples location, or any UPS Authorized Shipping outlet.  There is no additional charge to drop off a prepaid RS Label.


updated effective January 04, 2023