Want to rent PM Tuxedos?

We believe there are many reasons to consider opening a wholesale tuxedo rental account with Paul Morrell, and we are ready to help you begin that process right here and now! But first, tell us what area below best fits your business model:

Whether you’re a FORMAL WEAR Specialist, BRIDAL SHOP, or MEN’S WEAR Store, we have ways to help you:

  • Honesty and professionalism, we’ve been doing this since 1975!
  • Nearly 100 styles of tuxedos and suits, and 16 accessory lines.
  • Free Shipping both ways! (Some conditions apply)
  • Place orders using PM Online and save 5% on all your rental orders!
  • Email notifications and when you place an order, when it ships (with a tracking number), and when we charge your Credit Card!
  • A dealer listing on MyTuxedoCatalog.com
  • Many more, so CLICK on one of the links above!
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