Want to Rent Paul Morrell Tuxedos?

Paul Morrell is Your Wholesale Tuxedo Warehouse

Since 1975, we have been dedicated to helping businesses in the men’s formalwear industry build their business. When you’re successful, we’re successful. We help you grow with our resources, brand, but most importantly, our experience.

How Renting Benefits You

When you have Paul Morrell as your warehouse, you’ll find that turning a profit is easy. We pride ourselves on having a broad selection of tuxedos and suits. We have more new styles and colors than nearly any other formalwear wholesaler in the industry – including Men’s Warehouse and Joseph A. Banks.

3 Key Benefits:

  • Low Prices. On average, Paul Morrell’s prices are $9 to $20 cheaper per unit for the exact same merchandise our competitors supply. Our base prices are better, and we don’t have upcharges for basic upgrades like microfiber shirts, flat front pants, or an Accidental Damage Waiver*.
  • Multiple Wholesale Tuxedo Rentals. When you rent with Paul Morrell for occasions like weddings, you can often save money — even when compared with our competitor’s best offers and discounts.
  • Individual Item Wholesale Rental. Because we don’t have a minimum order size, you can order as few items as you want. So don’t feel bad about only renting a single tie or pocket square.

Whether you’re a


Or any other retail store that wants a new revenue stream, we will exceed your expectations and make your transition to Paul Morrell a profitable and easy process.

How We Make Renting Easy and Profitable

  • Extensive Selection. Our online store has nearly 100 styles of tuxedos and suits and 16 accessory lines.
  • Free Shipping Both Ways! If you give us enough time, most orders will receive free two-way shipping.
  • 5 Percent Savings on Entire Orders! When you order online, your entire rental order will receive a 5% discount.
  • Confirmation Notifications. When you place an order, you’ll receive an email notification to confirm the order, when it ships, and when your payment is processed.
  • Dealer Listing on MyTuxedoCatelog.com. When you partner with Paul Morrell, you’ll be listed as a dealer on MyTuxedoCatalog.com, our catalog website with an average of over 56,000 monthly visitors.

*PM’s Free Shipping Both Ways program requires total of orders for the week to be over $100, and must be called in by the Saturday or Wednesday before the week of use, depending on location.  For more information, please see our shipping policy.
**PM doesn’t charge an ADW (Accidental Damage Waiver) on orders that contain a coat.