Documents & Downloads

In the table below, you’ll find download links to all of the forms, guides, and documents located on All of the documents are in PDF format, so you’ll need to have Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer installed on your system in order to open these files.

You will see that some documents also say, “Online Form” which means you can easily fill out and submit the form instantly online.

If you are opening a wholesale rental account with us, please fill out the following, either by filling out the form online, instantly, or by printing and mailing/faxing them back to us:

  1. New Account Application (Required)
  2. Wholesale Account Payment Options (Required)
  3. Return Shipping Options (Required)
  4. Dealer Locator Info (Optional)

If you have questions about any of these documents, feel free to contact us!

Document Library

1. New Account Application*

2. Wholesale Account Payment Options*

3. Return Shipping Options*

4. Dealer Locator Info

5. Policy Statement for PM Accounts

6. Current Close-Out List / No Prices

7. Group/Email/Fax Order Form

8. Measuring Guide

9. Updated Rental Order Form (Printable)

10. Retail Wedding Party Registration Form

11. Retail Out of Town Measurement Form

12. Wedding Party

13. Wedding Guide

14. Wedding Checklist

15. Groom's Guide

16. Add Additional Stores to your Credit Application

17. ACH (Automated Clearing House) Application

18. Bride's Guide

19. PM Rental Resource Guide