How We Help You Grow

Thanks for your consideration of opening a wholesale tuxedo rental account with Paul Morrell!

There are a few Simple but incredibly helpful points about our service we want you to be familiar with.  There really are a lot of reasons to use PM, but for the moment, let us bring just three to your attention.  We believe these services make a real difference and enable us to Help You Grow.

PM Style C965

After Six ‘Chaplin I’ Tuxedo

1. Check out our Online Catalog. Please, compare it to any and every other tuxedo wholesaler in the industry.  It may not be perfect, or even the best one out there, but we want you to know that is completely designed around making You look good.  The selection for your customers to choose from is excellent, the interactivity of the site is user friendly, and you don’t even see our name on the site, unless you dig for it.  We want you to use it as your own…promote your store, not PM.

2. Ever forget to place an order with your tuxedo supplier? We all forget things, especially when we’re busy.  That’s why we built PM Online, a secure, real-time, online order entry system…just like calling in your orders, only you can key them in when your store is full of crazy prom kids, or from home while you watch a movie.  All you need is an internet connection, a PM Online account, and some orders!  By the way, you receive a 5% discount on all orders you enter into the system!  Every penny counts.

3. Finally, how do you know if we entered your call-in orders correctly? Or, if you keyed your own tickets online, how do you know you didn’t make an entry error?  Well, the answer is, “you don’t”….unless you get a confirmation e-mail from Paul Morrell with a copy of every order entered by phone, fax, or PM Online within the following hour!  All you have to do is a quick review.  We set up all PM Online accounts to be able to see their orders anytime for review or confirmation, too.  We want you to know what you want to know, when you want to know it.

We hope you will understand the point we are trying to make, which is, we care about your business, and helping you grow.  That’s why we want to be your Partner, and your warehouse!

More Services and Benefits of being a Paul Morrell Partner:

  • Want help driving customers to your store?  As your partner, we know that bringing business to you also brings business to us!  Most active PM accounts can be found via our Partner Locator Map.  That way, potential customers in your area using the largest online catalog of rental tuxedos are directed to the closest PM Partner via the locator map, and that could be you!
  • Every Order Low Pricing…that means you pay less for one or two orders than with most suppliers because we don’t mark ‘em up to give you a free one when you rent six.    Why not make more profit on ALL orders?
  • Need help with Marketing your store?  We have subsidized marketing tools and supplies like mannequins, banners, and brochures available!
  • FREE shipping, both ways!*  If you placed your order before midnight on the Wednesday before the week of use, and it was over $100.00, we paid the freight to get it to you, and included a UPS RS tag to get the back!*  There are minimum requirements and location requirements for our Free Shipping program, so read more on our Shipping Page.
  • Speaking of shipments, we eliminate your concern about wondering if you returned everything that you received.  “How?” you might ask.  Well, in the box with every shipment from Paul Morrell you receive a complete manifest by order, style, size and barcode of all your orders for the week, and you just check ’em off the list as you load up the return box!  Simple.
  • Would you like to track your shipment?  Just log-in to Paul Morrell Online.  
  • Sometimes a bride wants to know what vests are available in blue, so we make it easy! Go to, click on Catalog, Vests, and Blue (in the color selector).  All blue vests (there’s about 50 to choose from) from all our 17 active accessory lines are shown for her to see…in a heartbeat!  Take a look!
  • Thinking about making a purchase for your own inventory of Tuxedos and want to know what’s Hot?   Check out our Top 10 Tuxedo Styles.  We share!
  • We don’t want to keep you too long, so just one more thought…
  • Are you considering your own store website and need a tuxedo style catalog to complete the project?  Just link to and you’re done!  (for active accounts only)

Ready to sign up and become a Paul Morrell Partner? Complete our New Account Request Form!


*Certain order qualifications apply.