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Frequently Asked Questions

Calling Orders In

Q. What options do I have to place orders?

We understand how busy you are taking care of your customers. We have several options for you to place orders with us: 1. By phone (Our Customer Service Department). 2. By Fax (During peak season, your orders may not be processed until the end of the day). 3. At PaulMorrellOnline.com 4. Email (info@paulmorrell.com). Regardless how you place your orders, you are able to receive an e-mail confirmation. Once you receive the confirmation, please review your orders to insure you are getting everything you ordered and your order is correct.


Q. When are payments due in our office?

Our terms are NET 30 End of Month.  At the bottom of each invoice, it states "Net Due By" and a specific date.  The balance is due by this day to avoid interest charges.  All accounts 60 days past due will be placed on COD or Credit Card until the account is current.

Q. Why am I not receiving an e-mail of my orders placed?

If you are not getting an e-mail confirmation when you place orders, Contact our Customer Service Department to insure that your e-mail address is correct.

Q. What is a 4-N-Hand Tie?

I 4-N-Hand tie is similar to a regular suit tie, except the 4-N-Hand tie is pre-tied.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee for rental merchandise?

Credit will not be issued after shipment has been made during the months of April through September. During all other months cancellations will be accepted if received before noon on the Wednesday before the week of use.  If the outfit is cancelled after shipment the account will be charged a processing fee of 50% plus freight, and credit for the balance will be issued when the unit is returned promptly, clean and unused.  No credit is issued on unused “accessory only” or orders not including a coat, after shipment.  All requests for credit must be made within 7 days of the original date of use. A credit memo will not be issued, but the credit will appear on your statement.  New and Used sale items returned to PM will be charged a restocking fee of 20% and must be returned within 10 working days of the invoice date.  Paul Morrell will not credit or reimburse accounts or customers for any amount above the invoice cost of a rental or sale product due to problems caused by the lateness or inaccuracies of the rental or sale product. We do not assume any responsibility for lost mark-up as a result of any condition, occurrence, or negligence of Paul Morrell.

Q. What credit cards will Paul Morrell accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can use our constant credit card form that we keep on file and use for your merchandise. Click here to get a copy of the constant credit card form.

Q. Why was I billed replacement cost?

After you have been billed for three rebills and the merchandise has not been returned, we will credit you the rebills and invoice you the cost to replace the merchandise.

Q. Why are there Add-On charges to my invoice?

With our COD accounts, add-on charges may be added to your invoice to collect fees from any unpaid invoices including rebill items and replacement cost. The add-ons are applied so you can continue to order without having to pay the entire amount due at one time.

Q. Can I link MyTuxedoCatalog to my homepage?

Yes.  We encourage all of our active accounts to link MyTuxedoCatalog.com to their own web page.  We are your warehouse, not your competition.  Your customers can also find you on the locate section of MyTuxedoCatalog.com.  If you have not given us your store hours, e-mail address, web page and phone number, take a moment to complete this form and we will have this information added to your store.

Q. What holidays are you open?

We are open all holidays except New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Our Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve hours are 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.

Measuring for Formal Wear

Q. How do I know what size coat for my customer?

Fitting a customer just right can be a little tricky. Your rental merchandise is rental and tailored; therefore, the tuxedo may not fit the customer the exact way he wants. Click Here for a chart to help you determine what size to start with. We strongly recommend purchasing items from our closeout list. The price you pay for try-ons will be cheaper than what you may have to pay for freight if you ever need a correction.

Q. Can I send my customer to your retail store for try ons?

No. Our retail store has their own clientele and work hard to assist their own customers. Except during the months of April and May, we will be happy to send you try-on units for 1/2 price plus freight. During the months of April and May, try-on units will be full price.

Q. Do you carry wide shoes?

No.  All of our shoes are 'D' width.  Our 'D' width shoes are very close to a wide width.  If you require a wide shoe, we recommend going to the next available size.

Q. Why don't you carry up to a size 76 in your fashion tuxedos?

We purchase the largest sizes available on all tuxedo styles. If we don't carry the larger sizes, it is because the manufacture did not make that size in that style.

PM Online

Q. What criteria does my computer need to place orders online?

PaulMorrellOnline.com currently runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP operating Systems.  This application requires JavaScript to run on the site.  The program runs using Internet Explorer 7.x and 8.x and Mozilla Firefox 3.5x and 3.6x and Apple Safari 4.x.  Other browsers and versions may not be compatible with this site.  Your monitor must have a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768.  For more information, please visit Paul Morrell Online Manual and read the section under troubleshooting.

Q. Can we place orders online?

Yes.  However, you must have an active wholesale account with Paul
Morrell.  You must have your account setup for online order entry.  For
more information, click here or go to www.paulmorrellonline.com.

Q. What options do I have to place orders?

We understand how busy you are taking care of your customers. We have several options for you to place orders with us: 1. By phone (Our Customer Service Department). 2. By Fax (During peak season, your orders may not be processed until the end of the day). 3. At PaulMorrellOnline.com 4. Email (info@paulmorrell.com). Regardless how you place your orders, you are able to receive an e-mail confirmation. Once you receive the confirmation, please review your orders to insure you are getting everything you ordered and your order is correct.

Pricing Information

Q. Are Pocket Squares for purchase?

Yes, we do have new black, white and red pocket squares for sale. We do not sell our rental pocket squares. When we purchase the vest and tie, we also purchase pocket squares. When vest and ties are placed on close out, the matching pocket squares are placed on close out also. Check out our current close out list by clicking here.

Q. Can your customer purchase his tie as a keepsake for his prom?

No if it is a rental tie. We do have new ties that you can purchase and sell to your customer. During the peak season, all rental ties not returned will be billed a $15.00 replacement cost.

Q. Do you sell new tuxedos?

Yes. Some of the most popular styles can be purchased new. For a list of those tuxedos, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Q. Why was I rebilled for an item when I returned it?

All rental items are due back to Paul Morrell by the Wednesday after the weekend of use. We do understand that during holidays, the returns might be a little late coming in, we make provisions for that. Before we generate the rebills, we receive all the returns for the day. If your delinquent items have not been received at that time, you will be billed another week's rental. If you do not have return service with Paul Morrell, we recommend keeping your tracking numbers to check your returns.

Q. Why did I get rebilled?

Rental items are due back to Paul Morrell the Wednesday after the weekend of use. If the merchandise is not back to Paul Morrell by the time the rebills are generated, you will be billed for another week's rental.

Renting your Tuxedo or Suit

Q. Why can't all my orders be guaranteed by Thursday?

Generally, we try to have orders to the customer as soon as possible and guaranteed the day before use. In some cases, you may receive orders before Thursday. Sometime when there is a high volume of orders, we may have to go to a Friday delivery. We depend on our customers to return their merchandise from the previous week on time to fill the orders for the next customer. Please read our policy statement on shipping.

Q. Can my customer try on their tuxedo if they ever have to pick it up from your warehouse?

Unfortunately, we do not have the personnel or dressing rooms to allow customers to try on their tuxedo. We strongly discourage sending customers to our warehouse to pick up their items, just in case there are alternations or exchanges that they may need which will require your approval.

Q. Do I need a 2nd choice on a coat for a wedding?

No. Wedding orders are different than prom orders. When there is a wedding, you cannot change the style of the tuxedo from what the bride and groom have selected. For some ideas, check out the wedding guide.

Q. Why do I have to have 2nd choice on prom orders?

Paul Morrell carries the most popular styles and colors. During the prom season, we depend on you to send your returns back on time so we can rent them to the next customer. We use 2nd choices just in case your first choice is not back in order for you to get your merchandise on time. During prom season we cannot guarantee Thursday delivery without a 2nd choice.

Q. Is there a minimum order I have to place?

No. We understand sometime you just might need a vest or tie. There is no minimum orders required.

Q. Do I need to use Paul Morrel's style numbers to place orders?

Yes. To be sure you are ordering the correct merchandise, it is very important that you give the customer service representative the style number you need instead of just the description. This will expedite the ordering process. If the style number is not given, this will require the customer service representative to spend more time searching for the correct merchandise and verifying with you that this is just what you want to order.

Q. Will my account close if I don't order a minimum amount each year?

No. We will not close your account if you don't place a certain amount of orders. If there is no activity on your account within two years, we will make your account inactive. When your account is inactive, you may not receive any updates or correspondence until we hear from you and you may be required to complete a new application before reactivating your account.


Q. Why does my merchandise always go red label shipping?

If all of your orders are red label, then you are placing your order for next day delivery. We recommend placing your order by the Saturday before the week of use. The earlier you place your orders, we have more options available for shipping.

Q. Why was my order shipped over night when it was ordered early?

Orders are due back by the Wednesday after the weekend of use. The normal in-store day is Thursday. If we have the requested item in the warehouse, we will ship it as soon as possible. Depending on the popularity of the item, sometime we have to wait for the item from the previous week's rental to return to us normally on Wednesday. Once the item has been returned and cleaned, we will ship the item overnight in order for you to get the merchandise by Thursday.

Q. Does Paul Morrell pay the freight both ways?

Paul Morrell pays the freight both ways as long as you meet three (3) requirements: (1) Your rental dollars for the week must be a minimum of $100.00 prior to shipping.  (2) Orders for the week must be placed no later than the Wednesday in zone 4,5 and 6 and by Saturday in zone 1,2 and 3 prior to the week of use.  (3) You do not require those orders in your store prior to Thursday.  Please review the shipping section under policy statement.

Q. How do I return my rental merchandise?

Returning merchandise has never been so easy.  For your convenience, Paul Morrell has several return options to suit your need.  Click here for more information or complete the on-line form to select your return option.

Q. Why are my shipping charges so high?

If you place orders in the same week of use, you will be responsible for the air freight.  We will ship the order in a cost effective manner to help keep the freight cost down.  If you request next day air delivery, then you will be paying the high freight cost.  Try placing your order at least one or two weeks in advance. If your customer places an order the same week of use, you may want to charge them extra so you will not loose all your profit on freight charges.  Read Shipping in our policy statement.

Q. Why don't we get all our orders at one time?

We try to ship all the orders together. Sometime we might have to wait on returns to complete the entire order. We ship what is ready to be shipped and ship the others when they are completed.

Q. What's the difference in a UPS CALL tag and a UPS RS tag?

With a UPS CALL tag, Paul Morrell arranges for UPS to come to your store to pick up the merchandise. When you use the UPS RS tag, we will send the return label with your merchandise and you are responsible for getting the box to an authorized UPS location. For more information on UPS CALL tags, click here. For more information on UPS RS tags, click here.

Q. Why did I pay freight when my total was over $100?

Paul Morrell will pay the freight to you if your total rental cost at the time of shipping is $100 or more. Paul Morrell does not pay any shipping for sale orders. Though you may have more than $100.00 in rental and sales, if your rental orders do not total $100 or more, you will  be responsible for the shipping charges. For more information, read the shipping section of the policy statement.