Our Policy Statement


New Account Set-Up:

  1. Setting up a new account with Paul Morrell is simple. Just visit documents-downloads to fill out items 1, 2 and 3 online. Or download a PDF or printer-friendly copy of all 3 of those documents to fill out and return to us by mail or fax. We can fax or mail the New Application Forms, also.

Payment Terms:

  1. All new accounts are shipped COD Cash or Credit Card. The cost for merchandise shipped to you COD will not appear on your statement.
  2. Accounts assigned to COD Cash status will need to obtain a cashier’s check or money order to receive merchandise. UPS and FedEx do not accept cash.
  3. PM terms for Open Accounts are Net 30 EOM. Past due accounts are charged a late payment fee at the maximum allowable rate according to the laws of the state of Arkansas. We do not ship accounts who fail to pay finance or late charges. Accounts 30 days past due will automatically (and without notice) be placed on COD or Credit Card until the account balance is current.
  4. A Service Fee of $30.00 is charged to the account for each returned or NSF check. Accounts with returned or NSF checks or past due balances over 60 days, will be placed on COD Cash or Credit Card immediately unless we receive a call explaining the problem. We may add-on to collect past due balances.
  5. PM accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards for payment on wholesale accounts.
  6. Credit Card accounts will be shipped COD cash only (without notice) if the credit card is expired or declines for any reason.

Delinquent Returns:

  1. PM rents merchandise for one use only and it must be returned to PM by Friday after the week after use. Items not returned promptly will be billed again the week after use, and each of the next two weeks. After 2 rebills, your account will be charged replacement costs. Credit will not be issued for rebill & replacement charges.
  2. PM will not ship an account that is delinquent in returning merchandise or in keeping their account paid up to date, including rebill and replacement charges.
  3. For coat and pant hemming alterations, please allow up to 1/4 inch tolerance.
  4. The shipping cost of pre-paid RS Tags provided to you will be charged to you if returns are shipped after the Wednesday following use.

Accidental Damage, Intentional Damage, and Lost Merchandise:

  1. The Damage Waiver (DW) is included on all orders including a coat from Paul Morrell. There is no extra fee. Orders not including a coat such as for a vest and tie, or trouser only, are not covered by our included DW. This is the industry standard.
  2. The account is responsible for all lost, stolen or intentionally damaged merchandise and therefore, should hold the customer responsible by checking all rentals in and out properly. Lost and damaged items will be billed to your account. These items are not covered by our included damage waiver policy.
    • Examples of Accidental Damage covered by the DW include:  repairable scuffing or pulling of the fabric material and minor stains that may be completely restored to our quality standards..
    • The DW does NOT cover grass stains, burns, water damage, tears, intentional or carelessness-related damages or damaging alterations.  Also the DW does not cover ripped out seats or seams due to incorrect fittings or tight fits.
    • No permanent alterations may be made to any Paul Morrell rental merchandise.  Damage occurring as a result of any account or customer alterations is not covered by the DW and will be billed to the account.  This includes but is not limited to ‘slimming up’ coats, pants, vests or shirts, or short pant hems.
  3. Lost or damaged garment bags will be billed to the account at $10.00 each. They are not covered by our accidental damage policy.


  1. No permanent alterations may be made to any Paul Morrell rental merchandise. This includes the use of any bonding products that stick two pieces of material together. These products cannot be completely removed and the account will be billed for the merchandise.
  2. PM will perform coat sleeve alterations for $6.00 per coat, excluding velvet.  No alterations allowed for any velvet coat.
  3. The account may temporarily move and replace buttons, or alter sleeve and trouser lengths by hand or blindstich. No fabric may be removed or cut.
  4. Alterations causing any permanent damage to fabric or construction will result in the account being charged to replace the item.

Cancellations and Credits:

  1. Credit will not be issued after shipment has been made during the months of March through May. During all other months cancellations will be accepted if received before noon on the Wednesday before the week of use.
  2. If the outfit is canceled after shipment the account will be charged a processing fee of 50% plus freight, and credit for the balance will be issued when the unit is returned promptly, clean, unused and marked to the attention of Customer Service.
  3. No credit is issued on unused “accessory only” or orders not including a coat, after shipment.
  4. All requests for credit must be made within 7 days of the original date of use. A credit memo will not be issued, but the credit will appear on your statement.
  5. New and Used sale items returned to PM will be charged a restocking fee of 10% and must be returned within 10 working days of the invoice date.  Items must be unused and all tags in place.
  6. Paul Morrell will not credit or reimburse accounts or customers for any amount above the invoice cost of a rental or sale product due to problems caused by the lateness or inaccuracies of the rental or sale product. We do not assume any responsibility for lost mark-up as a result of any condition, occurrence, or negligence of Paul Morrell.

Seasonal Information:

  1. Prom Season (March–May) – First and second choices are requested due to the heavy demand of the season. All orders are processed in order of receipt, so order as early as possible. Accessory items not returned with the outfit during prom season will be billed at the following prices: Pocket Square $10 / Tie $15 / Cummerbund $20.00 / Vest $55.00. Should the customer desire to purchase any of these items after Prom Season, contact us for our regular sale prices. Try-On and Fashion Show merchandise is billed at full wholesale rental prices during prom season.
  2. Accessory changes during March-May that are made after the order has been printed or shipped are an additional charge, not a correction.

Customer Service Information:

  1. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.
  2. You can order online anytime at PaulMorrellOnline.com. Set-up is required by calling PM Customer Service for a user id and password.
  3. Phone orders may be recorded for order verification purposes.

Marketing Information:

  1. Fashion Shows – Orders for fashion shows are billed at 50% for up to three outfits during all months but April and May when they are a full rental charge.
  2. Try-On Merchandise is billed at 50% plus shipping costs for all months excluding April – June, when they are billed at full wholesale pricing. PM has a zero-tolerance policy concerning abuse of Try-On merchandise pricing at wholesale. Try-On merchandise is not to be used for a paid rental in any way or at any time without contacting PM. All Try-On merchandise must be returned promptly in clean and unused condition or the full wholesale rental price will be billed.
  3. Brochures, Catalogs and 2′ x 6′ indoor/outdoor Banners are available to help you build your business. Please contact Customer Service or visit us online.
  4. Marketing kits, try-on coats, and additional materials are available at a subsidized cost. Visit PaulMorrell.com and click on Marketing Materials for additional information.
  5. The use of our online catalog, MyTuxedoCatalog.com, is offered to accounts in good standing and can help you attract new and interested rental customers. As an active account, you receive a free business listing at MyTuxedoCatalog.com/locate.


You can download a copy of the Paul Morrell Policy Statement here.