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2022 New Styles Under Consideration & Committed


Apparel: Rentals & Sales — Committed

  1. Sea Glass Green Stretch ‘Brunswick’ – Allure Men
  2. White Slim Dinner Jacket – FCGI
  3. David Major Platinum Stretch Suit – Larr Brio
  4. Tan ‘Dominic’ Suit – FCGI
  5. Mid-Brown ‘Archer’ Suit – FCGI
  6. Navy ‘Dawson’ Stretch 2BN Tuxedo – Larr Brio
  7. Black ‘Dawson’ Stretch 2BN Tuxedo – Larr Brio

Accessories: Rental — Committed

  1. ‘Samson/’Excel’ White & Ivory Shirts – Longer shirts for large men – Formal Shirts
    1. Cancelled – No longer being made by Formal Shirts
  2. Dusty Sage & Dusty Blue – New Colors for the Modern Solid Accessory Line

Apparel: Rentals & Sales — Under Consideration

  1. Charcoal Grey ‘Dawson’ Stretch – Larr Brio (Tuxedo or Suit)
  2. Black Stretch – FCGI (Tuxedo or Suit)
  3. Double Breasted 6 Button Tuxedo – FCGI (Black or Navy)
  4. Oxford Blue ‘Mateo’ Suit – FCGI
  5. White Suit (yet to be released) – FCGI
  6. Ivory Suit (yet to be released) – FCGI

Apparel: Sales Only — Under Consideration

  1. Blue Denim Suit – Larry Coates – picture
  2. Basic Suits from FCGI (inexpensive, no stretch, basic colors)
  3. Velvet ‘Venice’ Dinner Jackets in new colors like Cranberry

Accessories: Rental — Under Consideration

  1. Colors in the ‘Colby’ Tie only accessory line from Larr Brio

PM Styles to be Discontinued in 2022


  1. C940:  Ivory ‘Mystique’ Tuxedo — Jean Yves
  2. C979:  Steel Grey ‘Twilight Tuxedo — Jean Yves
  3. C986:  Steel Grey ‘Ceremonia’ Suit — Jean Yves
  4. C995:  Steel Grey ‘Bartlett’ Tuxedo — Allure Men
  5. C996:  Black ‘Bartlett’ Tuxedo — Allure Men
  6. C1003:  Slate Blue ‘Bartlett’ Tuxedo — Allure Men
  7. C1020:  Light Grey ‘Grenada’ Suit — Ike Behar
  8. C1021:  Graphite Grey ‘Madison James’ Tuxedo — Madison James
  9. C1026:  Red ‘Calypso’ Tuxedo — Jean Yves

While we haven’t finished selecting our discontinued styles for 2022, PM will be discontinuing the above styles. These styles will be available for sale, once the 2022 Catalog goes out, or continued rentals while inventory lasts. Some discontinued styles may already be available to purchase.

For pricing and availability, contact us at info@paulmorrell.com.

These lists are not conclusive and are subject to change.

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