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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you sell new tuxedos?

Yes.  Some of the most popular styles can be purchased new.  For a list of those tuxedos, please contact our Customer Service Department.  You can also see a list of the items for sale in the back of the price book.

Q. Where are you located?

We are located in Downtown Little Rock, in the shadow of the Arkansas State Capitol. For location and contact information, please take a look at the "Location and Contact Info" page on the left!

Pricing Information

Q. How much does it cost to rent a tuxedo?

The price of renting a tuxedo varies depending on the many different styles we offer. We suggest coming to our retail store and speak with one of our professional sales associates.

Renting your Tuxedo or Suit

Q. How far in advance to I need to order my tuxedo?

The simple answer is, "As soon as you know you need it!" The earlier in advance you order your formal wear, the better the chance we'll have the style and size you want.

Getting married? We need at minimum of 2 weeks before the date of your event, but at least 1 month in advance is much, much better.

We are able to fill last minute orders, but there could be an extra charge.

Q. Can I see what is available without coming to your store?

Yes! Our entire rental catalog is available online at www.MyTuxedoCatalog.com. If you have any questions about the merchandise, just let us know here!

Q. How do I tie my own Bowtie?

It's easy! Check out this informative video in our How-To section: How to tie your own Bowtie.

Q. Do I need a 2nd choice on a coat for a wedding?

No. Wedding orders are different than prom orders. When there is a wedding, you cannot change the style of the tuxedo from what the bride and groom have selected. For some ideas, check out the wedding guide.

Q. What is the most popular style right now?

We list out our Top 10 Tuxedo Styles every month, on the Top 10 Styles page!