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Paul Morrell subsidizes the cost of these supplies and marketing materials, so a wholesale account is required to purchase. If you do not yet have a PM account, you can apply for one on our New Account Request Form.

Shipping costs apply to all orders of supplies and marketing materials. If you opt to have these items shipped to you immediately, shipping costs will apply. Alternatively, we recommend having these items shipped with your next order of rental merchandise.

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Marketing Tools Request

  • Printed Materials

  • Tuxedo Rental Starter Kit: A $250 Value for ONLY … $100.00 Plus Freight. View Details
    Price: $100.00 Quantity:
  • Paul Morrell offers one of the most extensive and useful color catalogs available in the men's formal wear industry, featuring an extensive line of tuxedos and suits as well as hundreds of accessories. Accounts can get up to 5 for free before being billed at $2 each. View Details
    Price: $0.00 Quantity:
  • Customer looking to purchase instead of rent? You’ll find new purchase items in our New Sale Catalog! Use this to buy New items for your store or your customers. The Sale catalog will contain many of the same great styles of Tuxedos, Suits, & Fashion apparel your customers are looking for and even styles that are not available in the Rental catalog. You’ll also find Shirts, Belts, Jewelry, Socks, Shoes, Accessories & more. Accounts can get up to 5 for free before being billed at $1 each. View Details
    Price: $0.00 Quantity:
  • Paul Morrell also offers a very useful color brochure featuring some of our newest and most popular tuxedos and accessories. Accounts can get a bundle of 25 for free before being billed at $5 per additional bundles of 25. View Details
    Price: $0.00 Quantity:
  • We currently offer 18"x24" posters featuring our most popular merchandise. You may specify a specific product number, otherwise a random selection will be sent. View Details
    Price: $2.00 Quantity:
  • 11"x7" Tuxedo Rental & Suit Window Cling. It can be placed on the inside or outside of a window to let your customers know that you offer Tuxedo & Suit Rentals & Sales.
    Price: $3.00 Quantity:
  • Promotional Banners

    Paul Morrell also offers full color promotional banners featuring some of our most popular tuxedos for the prom and wedding seasons. These banners are 2' X 6' and made from 13 mil vinyl for outdoor durability. They have 6 metal grommets to hang the banner outside your business.
  • The 2021 Banner features a variety of the most popular styles and colors available. View Details
    Price: $30.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00
  • Customer Details

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  • Shipping charges apply. We recommend shipping this order with your next rental orders, if you have any coming up soon. This will cost less in shipping.